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Banba 'Bob'

Banba 'bob'
Banba 'bob'
(c) E. Johnston 2012

Shark Name: Banba 'Bob'

School: Scoil Naomh Mhuire, Malin Head

Teacher: Diarmuid Walsh


5m Female shark with distinctive scaring behind dorsal fin and on right pectoral fin. Good notches in Dorsal fin for photo ID. Visual tag ID 571. Video taken before tag deployment see link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epIPLpOvkO0&feature=youtu.be

This shark was docile and remained on the surface after tagging and also received a timed depth recorder with visual tag. It was spotted south of Malin head in calm sea conditions feeding on a distinctive tidal line with high concentrations of plankton. The distinctive identification marks on this sharks makes this deployment extra special as this shark may be recognisable in future months and years.   

The tag has popped off at 12:16 13thDecember 2012-12-17, west of the Cape Verde Islands at 14.733N 31.746W (ARGOS accuracy to 500m)

Distance from tag site 5000 Km +

Further details to follow.

Name Banba:

‘Banba’ is one of the three ancient queens of the island of Ireland. Malin Head, Irelands most northerly point is called ‘Banba’s Crown’ in her honour. This name represents one of the few places on the island were memory of the alternate two queens of the island besides Erin are remembered.

Malin Head’s dramatic windswept landscape forms a finger like projection out into the North Atlantic. The cliffs and rocky shores of this Atlantic community make the first and last visual landfall for merchant ships utilising the northern transatlantic routes.  It is a close knit island like community with fishing at its heart. Maritime heritage is littered across the parish with the Lloyd’s Signal Tower a particular feature for tourists to gather at and weather watch or dream of what lies north. A substantial set of old Coast Guard buildings and a Met Eireann weather station over look Port Mór (big harbour) the centre of the community. Although these waters are regarded as some of the roughest in the North Atlantic, Malin head Fishermans Coop is busy year round with Lobster and Crab fishing predominant. During summer the pier at port Mhór and near-by Port Ronan are host to world famous diving and substantial leisure boating excursions. Basking Sharks often cruise into the harbours rubbing off the pier walls, offering an opportunity for children and adults alike to swim alongside.


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