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Stranded Shark Sculptured

Not for the faint hearted or those of you with a strong sense of smell but a basking shark which stranded at Sandeel Bay Co. Wexford, has been put under the knife and it's skin taken for a sculpture by artist Dorothy Cross.

The stranding report initially came in via text on the 21st April from Liam Coffer to Deirdre Slevin, who together with Willie Delaney went down to the beach and took photos, skin samples and measured the animal.

Christian Diem age 6 and stranded shark © Christian Diem

Many thanks to everyone who reported the shark especially to those who sent pictures, particular thanks to Podge Sheenhan and friends, Noel Murray, Darren Gallagher who passed on the best photo of all: Six-year-old Christian Diem with the shark before it was skinned (see picture).

We really appreciate people taking the time to send emails, photos and texts to us and the information is valuable and will directly assist in the creation of a basking shark species action plan in which we aim to set out a road map for basking shark conservation.

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