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2008 - Present | Ongoing Project


The All-Ireland visual tagging project is funded by the Heritage Council, Inishowen Development Partnership and supported by the Shannon Dolphin fund and Wildlife Foundation (www.shannondolphins.ie) and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. This ambitious project has several aims and objectives.



  • Determine short term spatial and temporal movements of basking sharks found in Irish waters

  • Examine the annual and seasonal movements of basking sharks tagged in Irish waters

  • Identify important areas of concentration (i.e. "hotspots")

  • Use individual identification tags to observe interaction between identified and sexed sharks

  • Compile information on individual sharks to establish behavioural patterns and habits

  • Use individually-identified tagged sharks to record ecological and biological changes to a shark over time (e.g. size)

  • Use GIS mapping to correlate / identify trends in movements with possible determining factors


Emmett Johnston| Project Coordinator

Simon Berrow | Project Coordinator