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Discovery Channel to Film off Malin Head

Discovery Channel Canada has confirmed they are coming to Malin Head to film a program on Basking Sharks for their famous Shark Week. The Irish Basking Shark Study Group Since which was only started in 2009 believe this is a major publicity coup for them, coordinator Emmett Johnston said “To get one of the big media channels of the world to come to Ireland and in particular feature basking sharks is very powerful opportunity for us to promote our message, especially when one considers that the basking shark is still unprotected in Irish waters”.

Two basking sharks travel together off Malin Head © E. Johnston 2012

Over 29 million viewers worldwide watched the Discovery Channel Shark Week in 2013 making it one of the biggest TV events in the channels history. It was also one of most tweeted events in 2013 giving it a very high profile on the world media calendar. The group has been undertaking research around the Irish coast in collaboration with Queens University Belfast and Galway, Mayo Institute of Technology. This program of research and study has enabled them to undertake pioneering research in Irish coastal waters which is now being noticed worldwide. The decision for the Discovery Channel to come to Malin head is no accident, the group have built up a considerable amount of experience and an enviable reputation in the natural media scene. Previous successful productions such as Wild Journey’s for RTE and Monty Halls Great Escape for BBC have showcased what the team do and the spectacular scenery off Malin head and the Blasket islands in which they operate.

Filming will most likely be in July, when basking sharks are at their biggest numbers off the north coast. More details to follow.

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