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Green Marine Checks Out

Green Marine has sent his last position report:

The shark has remained close to its last position off the coast of Wales in the Irish Sea. The tag has now detached prematurely and has sent its data records via the ARGOS satellite system. The Monster Munch Project shark researchers are still working through the data and figures received via the satellite. This is the first detachment of our five tags deployed during July and August and the sharks track has highlighted once again an area to which Basking sharks in the Irish sea appear to gravitate during the autumn months.

E. Johnston tags one of the five monster munch sharks north of Malin Head © Boyd Bryce 2012

Coupled with the other tracks of the sharks thus far received by the Monster Munch project, Green marine ‘s movements suggest that the population of basking sharks which pass through or are present off the Malin coast during the summer months do not follow a single migratory path. The sharks movements also re-enforce previous findings that the sharks are highly mobile and can cross national and administrative boundaries daily, encountering differing levels of protection along the way.

More details to follow as analysis carried out and the data received is interpreted

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