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Malin Head Ocean Literacy

Ocean Literacy; Understanding our local sea’s and collating sufficient information to support informed decision making on their use and future is the focus of the European Marine Science Educators Association's (EMSEA) Conference to be held inPlymouth University during September 2013.

The Irish Basking Shark Study Group education facilitator Rosemary McCloskey will present the key findings from the group’s development and delivery of three community awareness projects (Depth Charge 2011, Monster Munch 2012 and Shark Camp 2013) at Malin head during the past three years.

Rosemary is a trained oceanographic and fisheries biologist with a primary degree from Southampton University and an MRes from Swansea University, Wales. She is currently working on the development of new methods for monitoring sea grass communities with the University of Swansea.

​School kids marvel at basking shark food or Plankton on a field trip during the Monster Munch project © Rosemary McCloskey 2012

“We don’t know how small coastal communities dependent on the sea will adapt their commercial interests to new changes in fishing related legislation that are focused on a more sustainable harvest ideal” said Rosemary, “with this in mind, over the past three years we at the Inishowen basking shark study group in conjunction with the Inishowen Development Partnership and QUB have been working together to encourage remote coastal communities on the north coast of Ireland to prepare for a sustainable harvest and diversify their marine commerce interests”, she added.

The conference is themed: Experience marine education in practice and intends to aid the discussion on Ocean Literacy in Europe. Rosemary intends to pass on the knowledge she has gained from her work at Malin head and in turn learn from other European projects with a similar focus. The exchange of new knowledge and ideas is an essential way for people to share better methods for ensuring a sustainable harvest of our ocean wealth.

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