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Public Consultation

Malin Head Public Meetings © IBSSG 2014

March 2014: Malin Head Ocean Centre, Marine Park and Biosphere Reserve:

Members of the public with an interest in the Marine sector on the North coast of Inishowen including Tourism, Fishing, Community Enterprise, Natural Resource Management etc. are invited to partake in a public consultation process on the potential development of three integrated marine initiatives centred at Malin head.

1: The development of an Ocean Wave Centre at Malin head interpreting the natural marine landscape and promoting the biological habitat’s that lie therein.

2: The development of a Marine Park for the purposes of marine life promotion and tourism marketing on the North Coast of Inishowen, centred at Malin head.

3: The development of a Biosphere Fishing Reserve for the purposes of marketing the sustainable fishing practices on the North coast of Inishowen, Centred at Malin head.

A concept document outlining the draft ideas for these marine initiatives is available for download here

Public consultation meetings will be held at the

following locations and times:

North Inishowen 730PM Tuesday 18th March Malin Hotel

West Inishowen 730PM Wednesday 19th March Ballyliffin Lodge

East Inishowen 730PM Friday 21st March Greencastle Community Centre

Your input and feedback is essential to the future development of this proposal.

Have your say: Attend a meeting or provide written feedback on the concept document.

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