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2013 | Completed Project


The “Shark Camp” was a two week "internship" program aimed at local teens. Shark Camp aimed to educate and inspire the next generation of marine scientists by teaching young people from Inishowen about their coastal resources. 


The project aimed to build new skills, confidence and  promote creativity. Interns learned about marine science, carried out citizen science at their local beach and on the water, and produced a video message for their local community about their marine resource.


  • An introduction to marine biology
  • Safety at sea

  • Planning and undertaking a science experiments at sea

  • Boating and surveying for sharks

  • Understanding the importance of natural resources

  • Video creation, editing and production

  • Working in a team and building confidence in self/community led initiatives


Participation was free for successful applicants.


The Inishowen Basking Shark Study Group  secured 75% funding from the Inishowen Development Partnership and match funded the remaining 25% of the project with personal donations and local fundraising.


10 young people from Inishowen aged 12 - 15 took part in the Shark Camp held in the Malin Head Community Centre. The trainees applied for the programme via an expression of interest form before being invited to attend. 


The young people taking part in the programme produced a blog sharing their experiences (http://inishowenmarineteam.blogspot.com) and a video for their local community demonstrating the importance of protecting the marine resource. 


Emmett Johnston | Project coordinator

Rosemary McCloskey | Project coordinator

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