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2011 Tag Resighted

2011 White Tag Re-sighted oof Coll, Scotland

A white tag deployed off the coats of Inishowen, Co. Donegal has been captured by dive photographer Mark Harding of www.eyemocean.comoff the Isle of Coll, Scotland. The tag was recorded on video on the 4thof July 2012 can not be a 2012 tag as no white tags had been deployed at that date.

With image enhancing and still photos we have been able to identify a small ring on the front end of the visual tag which suggests that the shark is one which hosted a TDR this narrows the individuals ID down significantly but unfortunately due to the extensive fouling of the tag we will never know the actual identity of the shark.

This is another interesting development for the Irish shark team and it provides excellent feedback on the longevity and usefulness of the visual tags deployed on basking sharks off the Irish coast. These tags are cheep to deploy and are focused on a simple mark –recapture study model to complement the existing Dorsal Fin photo ID programme.

The tags have been colour coded by year and also for deployment area with red for cork, green for Kerry and yellow and white for Donegal. If you see a tag please report it and the location, time and date through the report a tag section of the website.

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