Banba's Away

Recent shark sightings reports around the Inishowen coast have resulted in two of the Monster Munch Project sharks been tagged off Malin head in recent days. Iascagáin a small 2-3m shark was sighted north of Malin head and tagged in double quick time. Small sharks are notoriously difficult to approach and tag due to their ‘flighty’ behaviour when in close proximity to boats. This was the first shark tagged this year and the first Fastloc GPS satellite tag deployed.

Banba with satellite tag and TDR © E. Johnston 2012

Banba ‘Bob’ a 5m female shark was videoed and tagged south of Malin head during flat calm conditions. The animal was docile and allowed the tagging team to take numerous pictures and video shots before they deployed a Satellite tag and a Timed Depth Recorder tag behind the dorsal fin. Banba had distinctive scars on its back and right pectoral fin with three lamprey also present, these markings plus the visual tag number 571 will allow researchers identify the shark in future months and years.

The monster munch project was run in 2012 to bridge the gap between the internationally significant shark research being carried out in Malin waters and the local community in which it is carried out. To this end the project has been a success with recent shark reports coming from the local fishing community and students of the primary schools.

If you would like to report a shark please report it through the link on the home page.

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