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Bunagee Beauty Tag Found

Three intrepid adventures have found the tag which was attached to Bunagee Beauty as part of the Inishowen Development Partnership Monster Munch project. The tag was spotted by the keen eyed youngster Duncan near the shores of Lough Craignish on the west coast of Scotland. Duncan pictured with Hugh and Roddy in a large shoal of sharks near the Isle of Canna during the summer of 2012 has been following both the SNH and Irish based shark projects on their respective websites. The group of three were delighted to be of assistance to the project which aims to ensure the conservation of the species, especially after their close encounters with the magnificent creatures during the summer.

The physical recovery of the tag may provide additional information on the movement of the shark throughout its five month deployment period. Bunagee Beauty was tracked through Irish and Scottish coastal waters throughout the winter months and offers an excellent contrast to the longer distance movements of other tracked sharks to more southern latitudes.

The tracks generated through the Monster Munch project and the similar SNH funded project have highlighted and confirmed the movements of the animals through the different legislative boundaries between the Irish North coast and Scotland. During these tracking periods the animals are subject to different levels of protection and it is important for all involved in the conservation of the species to work together to implement the proper scale of protection and range of mitigation measures for the sustainable management of the species.

Thanks again to Duncan, Roddy and Hugh for their assistance and a reminder to everyone walking or exploring the shoreline over the summer months to keep your mind alert for tags.

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