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Dutch Documentary

A Dutch film crew got a little more than they bargined for when they took a trip off Malin Head for some fishing and shark watching with a team of researchers from the Irish Basking Shark Project.

Within minutes of entering ‘Shark Waters’ the film makers who document the new lives of Dutch emigrants saw their first shark. Then more and more sharks appeared as the research team set out to deploy the first ever video camera on a basking shark fin.

Cats Cam ready for deployment © D. Griffen 2013

With a few visual placards deployed the team started to prepare for the Fin-Cam deployment when one of the Dutch film crew was given a close encounter with a shark tail. Leaning out over the edge of the RIB ‘Rob’ was exposed to the full might of a basking sharks tail when it was spooked by the boat and dived for cover in deeper waters.

Rob recovered quickly from his shock to go onto record some amazing scenes of the worlds second largest fish for their up and coming documentary about life on Inishowen, Co Donegal. The programme will be broadcast in September and a internet link will be available for English language viewers based in Ireland.

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