Early Re-Sightings

Visual tagging has successfully provided a remarkable insight into the movements of a number of tagged sharks with one yellow-tagged shark off the north coast of Donegal showing remarkable site fidelity.

Shark number 136 yellow has been re-sighted twice in the past number of days showing a remarkable low level of movement from where it was originally tagged. The shark has also been positively identified associating with other tagged and untagged sharks.

Shark 136 was tagged on 22 May 2010 near Dunaff hd. It was subsequently re-sighted by Seasearch volunteers on with Mevagh Dive at 17:02 near Melmore Hd on 4th June 2010 giving a distance of 15 miles over 13 days. On 7th June it was re-sighted off� 'Seashell' by two new shark volunteers from Queens University: Paul Mayo and Donal Griffen. This gives a distance of 15 miles over three days.

Like the previous re-sighting 136 was associating with other tagged sharks at the time.

May 2010 tagging © E. Johnston

Re-sightings include

114 re-sighted at Melmore hd at 3:24 on 4/6/10 by Seasearch and Mevagh Dive 114 and 136 re-sighted at Melmore hd at 17:02 on 4/6/10 by Seasearch and Mevagh Dive 114 and 132 re-sighted at Melmore hd at 13:17 on 5/6/10 by Seasearch and Mevagh Dive 129 re-sighted at Melmore hd on 5/6/10 by Niall Hopkins 136 re-sighted at Tullagh Pt. at 08:55 on 7/610 by Inishowen shark Team

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