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Satellite Tag Pop Off

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A Scottish basking shark group has informed the Irish basking shark group that one of its archival tags has popped off near to Larne on the north east corner of N. Ireland. ItS precise location is unknown but latest information put it close to Port Muc between Island Magee and Browns Bay.

Basking shark tag © E. Johnston

On 28/8/2010 its co-ordinates were Lat: 54 deg 56' 03"N, Long: 5 deg 46' 11"W with a 150m approx. error.

There is a 100 euro reward for the tag which if found can supply the research group with information on the past location and depth of the shark. This data is used to monitor the activities of basking sharks when not on the surface and will contribute to the conservation of the species through the identification of key habitats and drivers for the species.


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