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Reward for Finding Basking Shark Tag

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

There is a 200 sterling reward for anyone who finds a basking shark tag thought to be washed up in County Dublin or Wicklow.

Our colleagues in the Isle of Man have been putting out satellite tags on basking sharks this summer. They are designed to pop off after a pre-determined time. One of their basking shark tags, from a female named Amie, popped off last week and is heading towards Dublin Bay!

On Wednesday 16 September the tag was approaching Bray, Co Wicklow and on Thursday had drifted further north towards south Dublin Bay but then stopped transmitting.

Missing tag © Simon Berrow

The tag is about 100mm in length with a round, red bulbous head and an aerial sticking out the top. The phone number should be on it and "Wildlife Computers Archival Tag" will also be displayed.

Please contact Simon Berrow at 086 8545450 if you find it or have any additional information.

Good luck !

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