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Shark Time!

Finally a number of sharks have been recorded of the coast of Ireland with concentrations around the north coast. Ten separate sightings have been reported on Inishowen, Co. Donegal since July 23rdand with only a few days of calm weather during that period the northern based shark tagging team are hoping this is just the start.

With only 6 weeks left in the season a small number of animals could make all the difference when it comes to deciding a productive field season or a disappointing year. Satellite tag deployment will be priority with timed depth recorders attached second and other samples taken thereafter.

Shark making it's way towards Glasheedy Island, Inishowen © E. Johnston 2012

2012 has again raised more questions than answers about this elusive species of shark. The lack of sightings during 2012 in comparison to previous years is the subject of much debate between shark biologists and researchers. The results from 2012 fieldwork season will be studied in-depth in an attempt to discover the key driving forces behind shark movements and behaviour.

Check back soon to see if tags have been deployed.

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