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Well Ray!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Well Ray! The Irish Basking Shark Project will be assisting the local Inishowen family, the Henderson's, to launch a bobblehead Ray off Malin Head on Friday, the 3rd of Feb. The shark survey boat Gemini II will take the family out off the remote and rugged coastline of Malin Head to launch the bobblehead Ray which has been put in a custom made glass survival capsule. This "bobble in a bottle" is called Will, after one of the Ray Darcy show crew, and is one of four satellite tracked bobbleheads that will be cast adrift by helpful families in a serious scientific experiment on the tidal movements of bobbleheads along the western Atlantic coastline. Will faces a hostile environment in his robust glass capsule, with some of the roughest seas and strongest tides in the Atlantic Ocean; Malin head offers little sanctuary for a drifting bobble head. The dramatic cliff dominated landscape has dashed the hopes of many previous enterprising schemes, not to mention the predatory sharks that patrol the deep ocean trenches and sea stacks that characterise the sea bed of this remote island like land. We admires Will's sprit of Adventure but can he survive for long in one of the worlds toughest environments? Tune into the Ray Darcy show on Friday to find out! For more info see:

Will the adventurous bobble in a bottle © Ray Darcy Show 2012

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